About Finley Smith 

Finley Smith Strawberry Blonde Voice Over warm, youthful, millennial voice talent offering professional voiceover services

Finley is a professional voice actor and certified teacher based in the New England/New York City area.  When she was growing up, Finley earned such nicknames as "Sarah Bernhardt" and "Scooter Pie" because of her high energy levels and dramatic flair. (Yes, she was THAT CHILD who talked nonstop and turned flips over the family couch!) Today, Finley is seemingly more levelheaded because she has channeled  her energies into her professional pursuits.  More importantly, she has retained her quirky, fun-loving personality and gained a healthy sense of humor.  When she's not in the booth or on stage, she enjoys gymnastics, soccer, sailing, hiking, reading, and Scrabble.

Finley's voice is energetic, warm, sincere, and conversational Her specialties include high energy retail spots targeting kids or teens, and conversational millennial (soft sell) spots. Finley has an impressive age span, and she can comfortably shift from child voices to tween voices to young adult voices. She even has a charming, playful little boy voice, which she developed through extensive listening and training with popular voice coaches including Noelle Romano and Lisa Biggs! In addition to ongoing voice over training, Finley has also taken courses in theater, stage speech (dialects,) improv, and on-camera acting. This background is especially useful for audiobooks and animation projects.



Finley has a fully-equipped professional home studio. 

She offers her clients broadcast quality audio with efficient turn around (in most cases 24 hours or less.) She is also willing to provide copy-editing services (for an additional fee.) 

If your project requires live direction, Finley's studio can connect via phone, Skype, Bodalgo Call, or ipDTL. Additionally, she can work out of a local studio in Boston or NYC for larger projects (some audiobooks, animation, and E-learning projects.)